Student Activity - Computer Science Engineering

Co-Curricular Activities

Name Description
Mr.Manikandan K, Ms.Aswini R, Ms.Divya K, Ms.Jayashree, Ms.Nandhini, Ms Hinduzaa, Ms.Aswini B A, Ms.Divya N Attended a workshop on “BIG DATA” at SSN engineering college on 06.09.14.
Mr.Manikandan, Mr.Anandhapadmanaban, Mr.Govindarajan, Mr.Magesh, Mr.Aadhavan, Mr.Marimuthu, Ms.Mahalakshmi, Ms.Bhuvaneshwari, Ms.Mohanapriya, Mr.Lavanya, Mr.Devipriya, Ms.Jenifa, Ms.Jenifer Completed Cloud computing Course by ICTACT (EMC2 Certification Course) on 12.09.14.
Mr.Amar A and Mr.Aadhavan Participated and topped in “LIVE WIRE Networking” held at Tagore engineering college on 08.09.14.
Mr. Laaghav.B.R Participated in “informals and Dumb-C” at the symposium conducted in SSN Engineering college 05.09.14.
Ms. Vaishali.K and Ms. Sathyavani.D Presented a paper titled "Ensuring distributed accounting for data sharing in cloud" at Sri Sairam Engineering College on 06.08.14.
Mr. Ramesh Kumar.S Attended a workshop on Matlab in Tagore engineering college on 20.8.2014.
Ms. Soundarya.G Appointed as the Joint Sports Secretary in our college on 21.8.2014.
Mr.Sivaprakash.A , Mr. Sujith.K , Mr. Vimal raj.A , Mr. Vignesh.R, Mr.Sethuraman.S Selected in a test conducted by LiveWire Technologies on 3.9.2014.
Mr. Ramesh Kumar.S , Mr. Saimani Rathnam.M , Mr. Vignesh.C , Mr. Vignesh.E ,Mr. Sathish.R , Mr. Satheesh Kumar , Mr. Sethuraman.S , Mr.Sujith.K ,Mr. Ravi Shankar.G , Mr. Sivaprakash.A , Mr.Robinson , Mr. Raghu.B , Mr.R.Vignesh , Mr. Vimal Raj.A ,Mr. Vignesh.V , Ms.Vaishali.V Completed a cloud infrastructure and services course at Tagore Engineering college on 6.9.2014.
Ms.Sivaranjani K, Ms.Sristi sharma, Ms.Shambavi R, Ms.Shanthi E, Ms Victoria Irence, Ms.Valentina rexyln A, Ms Selvi P, Ms Swedha, Ms.Vardhini , Ms. Vinitha rani, Ms. Vinitha vadana Participated in workshop on Android & Cloud computing at SSN college of engineering on 04.9.2014.
Ms.Selvi , Mr.Sureshkumar.S, Mr.Rishanth.K, Mr.Santhosh.P, Mr.Saikannadasan.M, Mr.Raghul.S Participated in “informals and Dumb-C” at a symposium conducted in SSN Engineering college on 5.9.2014.
Mr.Sureshkumar.S Participated in the seminar conducted by FITA carrier development on 5.9.2014.
Ms Vinothini S Bagged the 3rd place in the game of BasketBall at Anna University Zonal level tournament on 27.8.2014.
Mr.Saravanan R Participated in simple quiz about TATA financing at Agni college of technology on 2.9.2014.
Mr.Sunishar S, Mr.Sethupathy Participated in a football match conducted by SSN engineering college on 8.8.014.
Mr.Raghul S , Mr. Saikannadasan M, Mr.Vigneshkumar S Participated in GATE seminar at Anna University on 5 .9.2014.
Mr.Dinesh kumar L,Mr.Mohankumar R,Mr.Chandrakumar S, Mr.Naveen A Participated in CODE HUNT at a Symposium conducted at SSN College of Engineering on 5.9.2014
Mr.Mohankumar.R Participated in OFFLINE PHOTOGRAPHY at a Symposium conducted at Jeppiar Engineering College on 26.8.2014.
Ms.Lavanya C Participated in ADAPTIVE at a symposium conducted at Jeppiar Engineering College on 26.8.2014
Mr.Mohankumar R Participated in Anna university Cricket zonals at Sri Sairam Engineering college 22.8.2014.
Ms.Manickavalli.M, Ms.Jayapradha.V, Ms.Geethapriya.M, Ms.Pavana Sathyapal Participated in Technical Quiz at a symposium conducted in SSN College of Engineering 9.10.2014
Ms.Mohanapriya.R, Ms.Hepsi Ajibah A.S Attended in Inplant training in telecommunications at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd 9.12.2014.
Ms.Jayapradha.V, Ms.Geethapriya. M,Ms.Pavana Sathyapal,Ms.Kokila.E,Ms.Vinitha vadana, Ms.Selvi.P, Ms.Soundari.L Participated in Scavenger and Quiz at a symposium conducted in B.S.Abdur Rahman University on 21.1.2015
Ms.Sivaranjani.K, Ms.Selvalakshmi.S, Ms.Vinitha vadana.T, Ms.Shanthini.J, Ms.Soundari.L Attented the GATE(2016) seminar in Tagore Engineering College on 23.1.2015
Ms.Vinitha.P, Ms.Sasirekha.D, Ms.Selvalakshmi.S, Ms.Saranya.G, Ms.Vinothini.S, Ms.VictoriaIrene.T, Ms.ValentinaRexlyn A,Ms.Vardhini D,Ms.Shanthini.J, Ms.Suganya.D, Ms.Vinitha rani.B, Ms.Sudha.S, Ms.shambavi.R, Mr.Raghul S,Mr.Selvamanikandan.N, Mr.Vishnuvardhan Reddy DLS,Mr.Vignesh.K,Mr.Saikannadasan.M, Ms.Sristi Sharma Participated in Android workshop conducted by Computer Society of India in Tagore Engineering College on 4.2.2015.
Mr.Sunishkar.S, Mr.Sedhupathi.A Donated blood at Global Hospitals at 26.1.2015.
Ms.Swetha.R,Ms.Sivasakthi.K,Ms.Vinidhini.S Participated in Dumb-C mathomania Treasure Hunt at a symposium conducted in Madras Institute of Technology on 6.2.2015.
Ms.Vijaya samundeswari,Ms.Shifa Fathima Participated in Big Data workshop in Panimalar engineering college on 9.1.2015.

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