Industry Institution Interaction (III) Cell

The Aim of research and development is to improve the current technologies or to develop innovations that strengthen the Institution’s position in the society. In our Institution, we have both the academic and sponsored research with forward-looking and innovative research team consists of doctorates, research scholars and students of various engineering and technology disciplines.

Industry Institution Interaction Cell

The Industry Institution Interaction Cell (III Cell) will be inaugurated in the third week of February in our college to evolve educational programmes which are consistent with the broad requirements of the industry and to develop strong links with industry aiming to promote various industrial activities by the faculty members and students. The external members of the III Cell are

Senior Project Consultant (UAS)
Centre for Aerospace Research
Anna University
Chennai- 600 044.
Former Secretary, AR&DB, New Delhi.

Mr.David Solomon
Additional Director
Head – Knowledge Sharing and Management & Small Wind Energy and Hybrid System 
Convener – Scientific & Technical Research
National Institute of Wind Energy

Head-Customer Service
Mindray Medicals India Pvt.Ltd.
Gurgaon, Haryana

Mr.Amit Sinha
Senior Product Manager
Amazon – Seattle, USA

Mr.Natarajan. S.Pillai
Senior Software Developer
Intermodal Systems Development
Florida Department of Transportation