About the Department

Department of Science and Humanities is an inter disciplinary department which supports the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The Department offers an in-depth knowledge on various disciplines like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. The Department is well equipped with modern aids and it inculcates in each student the learning of fundamentals and motivates them to learn and be self-disciplined. The main objective of the department is to provide knowledge about the recent developments in various disciplines and promote application oriented skills of students in various fields and to find solutions for the environmental problems.

The department of English is to enhance and uplift quality education for the Engineering students. The main goal of the department is to impart the importance of the global language. It aims to promote the students’ personality, career development and communication skills to occupy a noteworthy space for their future. The department embarks ample techniques to teach and train the students in the areas such as listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It also concentrates on developing the students’ English vocabularies, grammar and spoken English. It also strives to empower and equipping them to face the career and life with confidence.

The Department of Chemistry  helps the  students to have a good  knowledge of the fundamental principles and contemporary practices of chemistry, and help them to investigate, explain, and predict new phenomena The main goal of the department is to  make the students familiar with the principal tools of laboratory research ,to access experimental data and use chemical literature in solving environmental issues. It aims in students to analyses social issues dealing with chemical principles and help them to apply scientific principles to overcome the issue. The faculty in the department works on “Removal of Various Toxic Pollutants from waste waters from different sources and synthesize membranes to purify water”

Department of Mathematics has got highly qualified staffs from reputable institutions, published research papers in international journals and continually participating in national and international conferences. Recently mathematics department has created the Ramnujam Maths club which engages in lot of students related projects which is a great sign of staff and faculties collaborative effort.

Department of Physics is functioning from the beginning stage of the college to impart quality education for undergraduate engineering students in the field of physics. The department has a team of qualified and experienced faculty members and non-teaching staff. The academic curriculum is constantly upgraded to suit the requirements of different engineering as per the Anna University regulation. The department is having experienced staffs who are actively involved in teaching and research in the field of crystal Physics and Nanotechnology. Our department strongly depends on the team work which leads to a great success. The aim of our Physics department is to provide strong background in basic science for the engineering courses both in theoretical and also practically with well-equipped instruments, and to feed the young engineers with fine knowledge of science.