The Legion of Coders

Our Aim

The aim of this club is to establish a coding culture on campus and reaching every student passionate about coding inclusive of competitive coding on recent trends using open source programming, web development, mobile app  and a whole lot of other domains.

Our Objectives

In today’s rapidly changing environment, programming skills are essential tools that can be utilized and incorporated into various fields and domains.

  1. Motivate students to learn programming with enthusiasm.
  2. Learning Coding Skills.
  3. To teach various methods of solving programming problems in different points of view.
  4. Organizing Workshops / Hackathons.
  5. Contribute to open source projects, build websites and applications, provide technical support to our campus and various clubs on campus.
  6. To take part in competitions like ACM-ICPC, Google Code Jam, Google Summer of Code and other online coding events.

Who can join?

Members will be notified of any upcoming events and activities.

Staff Co-ordinators

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(Registrations are Closed. Consult the Staff-in-charge for more Info.)


We encourage the students to submit their valuable feedback for further enhancement of the Student Clubs.

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