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Our Aim

This club aims to provide an opportunity for students to supplement their education with hands-on experience in integration engineering.

Our Objectives

The Club offers indispensible guidance, workshops and tutorials along with basic tools, equipments and workspace. The objectives of this club are listed below:

  1. To bring together like minded students from all departments to build robots of their choice.
  2. To enrich the knowledge of robotics for the students.
  3. To organize and participate in events related to Robots.


11.9.18 – Build your Robot in One hour
18.9.18 – Line Follower / Obstacle Avoidance Robot / Programmable Robotic Arm
25.9.18 – Event

Who can join?

Any interested student irrespective of the branch and year of study.

Members will be notified of any upcoming events and activities.

Staff Co-ordinators

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(Registrations are Closed. Consult the Staff-in-charge for more Info.)


We encourage the students to submit their valuable feedback for further enhancement of the Student Clubs.

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