WE Cell


Tagore Engineering College has established a Women Empowerment Cell in the year 2002 to make the college campus a safe place for women students and to create awareness on health, psychological and other gender related issues and rights. The Cell is been a great strength to motivate the girls students to address their grievances and conduct frequent counseling and awareness programmes to build a source of confidence and freedom.

The College has provided various facilities such as Grievance Cell, Women Empowerment Cell, Disciplinary Committee, one to one Personal and Psychological Counseling for staff and students. In addition, appointed lady security guard, installed sanitary vending machines, CCTV surveillance, proper lighting at all places inside the campus and allotting lady faculty in-charges in all college buses, etc.

The WE Cell is very active in conducting programmes on Social Concern, Personal Counseling, Health and Hygiene, Women Safety, Women Rights, sexual harassments and Yoga, etc.


  • To create awareness by conducting seminars, workshopsand other welfare activities for students and faculty members.
  • Empower women to face the present challenges by providing tools and techniques that help to eliminate individual stress.
  • Encouraging women to develop entrepreneurial skills, and make them self-dependent.
  • To help women students understand their strength and potential.

Committee Members


Dr. R. ZAHIRA, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department Coordinators

Dr. G. H. KERINAB BEENU, Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies

Mrs. S. RAHMATH NISHA, Sr. Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology Mrs. A.V. JISHA KUMARI, Sr. Assistant Professor, Science and Humanities

Mrs. A. SWARNALATHA, Assistant Professor, Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Mrs. S. DEEPIKA, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Mrs. B. SELVALAKSHMI, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science Engineering

Mrs. C. BHUVANESHWARI, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Mrs. M. SUBASHINI, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


  • Seminar on ‚ÄúPersonality development, Grooming and Confidence‚ÄĚ by Ms. Rizwana, CEO, Pro-campus event of Rexona confidence academy was conducted in association with Hindustan Unilever Ltd on 2nd February 2019.
  • General counselling and gender issues for girls students was conducted by WE cell members on 20th September 2018.
  • International Women‚Äôs Day Celebration on 8th March, 2018.
  • A Seminar on ‚ÄúSafe usage of mobile phones and proper dress code‚ÄĚ was conducted on 24th February 2018, by Mrs. S. Mullai, a consultant psychologist and Psychological counsellor, University of Madras.
  • A seminar on ‚ÄúCancer awareness and important of mammography‚ÄĚ was conducted on¬†08/02/2018,by K R SowmiyaAssoc Professor, Department of Community medicine
  • Seminar on ‚ÄúWomen Empowerment and Safety‚ÄĚ in association with Hindustan Unilever Ltd was conducted on 20th March 2017.
  • International Women‚Äôs Day was celebratedon 8th March, 2017.
  • TEC Women Achiever Award 2017 Function on 8th March, 2017, the Awardees are
    • R. Shanti, Principle, Tagore Arts and Science college
    • Shanti, Principal Zion Matriculation School.
    • Saisudha, Head Ministers, ValluvarGurukalam.
    • Kavitha, Principal, ShakthiRemidial Learning Centre.
  • Awareness And Prevention Programme on Gynecological Disease‚ÄĚ On 10.11.2016 in association with Tagore Medical College.
  • Seminar on ‚ÄúBalancing Indian morality and value system in 21st century‚ÄĚby Dr. B. Shanti, Principal and Scientist, Central institute of Aqua culture. On 14 th February 2017.
  • TEC Women Achiever Award 2016 Function on 24th March, 2016.
  • Seminar on Women Empowerment and Safety by Ms. Niroopa Paulson, Associate General Manger & Head ‚Äď Safety, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai. On 8th March, 2016.
  • International Women‚Äôs Day Celebration on 8th March, 2016.
  • Awareness programme on ‚ÄúSupporting Cancer Patients‚ÄĚ
  • ‚ÄúChallenging Pedagogy in Current Scenario‚ÄĚ, a Faculty Development Programme on 29th January, 2016.
  • Workshops on Challenges led by Women, Yoga Techniques to build women‚Äôs health, Enhancing Emotional health through Emotional Control and Practices for Women Faculty Members, Cervical Cancer, Emotional Health and wellbeing, etc.
  • Community Development Programme in Association with Tamilnadu State Rural Livelihoods Mission, Kanchipuram District on 13th January, 2016.
  • Celebrated Rakshabhandan along with local community to ‚Äúpromote brotherhood ‚Äď a step to reduce women sexual harassment‚ÄĚ in association with WE Magazine and Sri Krishna Sweets
  • Guest Lectures on Women Health and Hygiene, Women Rights and duties, etc.
  • Flood Relief Support to Non-Teaching Staff Member of TEC on 31st December, 2015.
  • ‚ÄúFlood Relief Camp‚ÄĚ for the Flood Affected People of ‚ÄúTiruporurManamathi‚ÄĚ Village on 8th December, 2015.
  • Celebration of Diwali at ‚ÄúAll the Children Foundation‚ÄĚ, Redhills on 13th November, 2015.
  • Seminar on ‚ÄúGynecological Healthy Practices and Hygiene on 22nd September, 2015.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Association with Soulmate Foundation a Part of Women Exclusive Magazine on 10th July, 2015.

Instruction to the Girl Students

  • Proper dress code should be followed. Body fit clothing, transparent or revealing out fits should be avoided.
  • SalwarKammeez with thuppatta is advisable for girls.
  • Nuisance of any nature should be reported to the higher authorities for redressal.