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The Department of Civil Engineering had its humble beginning with two staff members and student strength of 37 out the sanctioned intake of 60 in the year 2002. Since then, the department has grown by leaps and bounds and currently has more than 300 students with the sanctioned intake having been raised to 120 in the year 2011. The department has 21 teaching and 4 non-teaching staff members, a perfect blend of youth and experience and a wonderful work ambience that ensures effective functioning of the department. The department has been functioning with a vision and mission, to discipline and educate students who will go on to become nation building engineers and fulfil the requirements prescribed by Anna University, Chennai.

Vision of the Department
The Department of Civil Engineering, Tagore Engineering College aims to become a centre for academic excellence in the field of Civil Engineering through a blend of world class state-of-the-art technology and amenities and committed faculty to create an encouraging ambience for innovative education and research.

Mission of the Department
The Department of Civil Engineering, Tagore Engineering College is committed to motivate, educate, cultivate and elevate the future pillars of the nation in quality Civil Engineers through an integrated approach of teaching, research and service, inculcate a sense of discipline, professionalism and ethics, and engage in collaborative activities with educational and industrial partners to generate, disseminate, integrate and promote knowledge that is valuable for the stakeholders viz. the students, staff and the society as a whole.

Programme Educational Objectives
The Department of Civil Engineering has formulated a set of objectives for its undergraduate programme that the department wants to inculcate in every student passing out of the undergraduate programme for the all-round development of the graduate. The current Programme Educational objectives of B.E., Civil Engineering are

  1. Graduates of the programme will achieve a high level of technical expertise so that they are able to apply knowledge, strong reasoning, and quantitative skills to design and implement creative and sustainable solutions
  2. Graduates will produce engineering designs that are based on sound principles, demonstrating initiative and innovative thinking and maintain a keen awareness of social, environmental, and global concerns
  3. Graduates will pursue lifelong learning through graduate work, advanced degrees and continuing research to meet the challenges facing the profession
  4. Graduates will exhibit strong communication, problem-solving and resource-management skills as leaders in the civil engineering profession while acting professionally and ethically.

Programme Outcomes
The following are the programme outcomes that the department expects out of every student who undergoes the programme of B.E., Civil Engineering: The students should (possess)

  1. An ability to apply civil engineering knowledge to design and assess performance, and manage operations of civil engineering projects and structures.
  2. An ability to apply, knowledge of science and mathematics to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems
  3. An ability to analyse, interpret, apply and design suitable solutions for engineering problems to meet desired needs within realistic constraints, such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, and sustainability.
  4. A thorough understanding of the need to work in multidisciplinary teams with enhanced interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
  5. An ability to develop strong and effective oral and written communication skills.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of experimental, statistical and computation methods that are consistent with the goals of the programme.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to appreciate and involve in life-long learning and education.
  8. An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for contemporary engineering practices.

About TEC

We at this Institution, envision the holistic development of our students into vibrant professionals, conscious of human values and eco-friendly environment and competent in skills. They will be the torch-bearers in their respective fields of study, quite capable of serving the community in a befitting manner...

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