Innovation's Heart

Our Aim

This club is aimed to bring our young potential brains together to learn about technologies crossing the borders of branches, beyond theory to bring about small but significant changes in our society.

Our Objectives

We engineers should have a learning attitude in each aspect, specially related to the technologies. So this club helps us to develop our knowledge in various fields. The objectives of this club are listed below.

  1. To foster ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking in a bid to boost MAKE IN INDIA.
  2. To conduct various seminars/expert lectures on different technologies, engineering related topics such that students get proper guidance related to the same.
  3. To have industrial experience and knowledge about how industry works, industrial visits will be organized.
  4. Projects including inter-disciplinary will be taken from the students or members of the club so that they will work on any topic of their interest and enhance their practical skills.
  5. To organize webinars to facilitate large groups of participants to engage in online discussions and share audio, documents or slides – even when they’re not in the same place. This initiative of conducting webinars for students will be taken by the club for students.
  6. To create something innovative and very different, the college can also help you get it patented.
  7. To provide with a platform which gives us various opportunities to show and enhance your technical talents at state, national and international levels.


Who can join?

Students from all engineering departments and irrespective of the year can join the club.

Members will be notified of any upcoming events and activities.

Staff Co-ordinators

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(Registrations are Closed. Consult the Staff-in-charge for more Info.)


We encourage the students to submit their valuable feedback for further enhancement of the Student Clubs.

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