The Arena of Mathematics

Our Aim

Mathematics is the universal language fueled by failure. Hence the aim of this club is to increase the opportunities for students to learn and enrich their Mathematical experiences in ways that are free from Curriculum and assessment driven teaching practices.

Our Objectives

This club is mainly formulated to develop the student enthusiasm for problem solving in various fields. The objectives of this club are listed below.

  1. To conduct many extracurricular activities to enable students understand Mathematics as a language of logic.
  2. To foster an environment where the students of all branches can meet each other and exchange their knowledge.
  3. To enlighten the beauty and applications of Mathematics.
  4. To showcase how doing Mathematics can be fun and useful.
  5. To empower students anywhere, anytime to solve problems across all disciplines.


11.9.18 – Real world Simulation
18.9.18 – Logical Thinking
25.9.18 - Events

Who can join?

Any student can join irrespective of branch and year.

Members will be notified of any upcoming events and activities.

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(Registrations are Closed. Consult the Staff-in-charge for more Info.)


We encourage the students to submit their valuable feedback for further enhancement of the Student Clubs.

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